Games for Idea generation


image of a 4-way grid4Cs is a game that helps you to think through different aspects of a problem. By looking at a problem from 4 different angles you can break it down and see it in a new way.

Reverse it

image of a left-facing arrowReverse it is a simple game that can help a design team get unstuck when trying to solve a problem, or to generate new ideas. Instead of solving the actual problem, the team solves the reverse problem.

Design slam

photo of a team working together around a tableIn a design slam a team works together to create a solution to a design problem, usually under some time pressure. Design slams are good for identifying potential design solutions, but also for a team to learn about how to work together.

Idea cards

image of an index card with the label of compellingIdea cards help teams to brainstorm solutions to design problems. They are good for helping teams think about a problem in a different way. Teams are provided with a deck of cards that contain trigger words. They draw between 3 & 5 cards and must use the words on those cards as the focus of their idea.